Beer Tent for DPL Finals on 26.3.2023

The EC Eppelheim Eisbären are celebrating their 40th anniversary on Sat March 25. As part of the celebration, a Beer Tent will be set-up and remain in place for our Finals on the 26th.
The Club has asked for our co-operation and patronage and to limit the number of cases of beer brought by the teams themselves.
Thanks for your co-operation.

Your DPL Management Team

Heilbronn Hockey Camp

Senior Hockey Camp Aug 2020 in Heilbronn

For the 10th year in a row, the „Senior“ Hockey Training Camp for DPL players and friends took place. Returning to the “home” rink in Heilbronn, the Camp took place from Aug 7-8. Using 2 ice times per day, Ronny Arendt put the players and goalies through their paces. Skating, passing, 5 on 5 positioning and strategy plus numerous other drills kept the hockey camp participants on their toes over the 2 days.

A big thank you goes out to the Camp‘s organizer Arne Röhrig.👏🏼🏒🥅

Looking forward to next year’s Camp!

Icehouse Eppelheim needs your support

The corona Pandemie has not only forced an early end to the DPL Hockey season, it is threatening the on-going operation of many of the ice rinks used by the DPL. Please help support one of the main rinks used by the DPL – Icehouse Eppelheim. Nearly one-third of all DPL Teams call the Icehouse home.
More info and how you can support the Icehouse here (in German):

2020/21 Season is cancelled

As most of you are aware, the current lockdown rules, coupled with the announced closing of rinks where DPL league games are scheduled, has forced your DPL Managment Team to cancel all remaining games of the 2020/21 hockey season. We will now concentrate on the planing for the upcoming 2021/22 hockey season.

We will inform you whether or not an 2021 Inliner Season will take place as and when we have more relevant information. No decision has been made at this time.

Your DPL has a responsibility to all referees, players, coaches and fans to ensure the safe operation of the DPL.

We ask for your understanding. This was a decision which we did not take lightly. In view of the current pandemic situation, we felt it was the best course of action to take.


Your DPL Management Team

Team Roster: Deadline extended to 15.01.2021

The following e-Mail was sent to the Team Captains on 29.11.2020. Essentially, it says that given the current (Corona) situation – we’re not playing at the moment – we’ve moved the team roster deadline to the 15.01.2021.

“Dear Team Captains
aus aktuellem Anlass, verschieben wir den Meldeschluss für eure Kader auf den 15.01.2021. 
Euer DPL Management Team”

Extended: Games on-hold in Dec

As most of you are well aware, the German government has taken further steps to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases in Germany. As a result, the postponement of DPL games has been extended through December, 2020. We will revisit the situation again in December to determine whether or not we can re-start in Jan, 2021.

You can find an overview of the latest Corona-Rules here (in German).

Your DPL Management Team

Inliner Finals 2020

It was a busy day at Friedrichspark.
Two final playoff games – one to decide third place and one for the championship.
The match to decide third place was between Mike‘s Monsters and Ludwigshafen Scorpions, starting at 13:00 Nov 1 in Friedrichspark.
Ludwigshafen jumped out to a quick 5:2 lead after 15 mins and never looked back. Although Mike‘s Monsters outshot Ludwigshafen in the third period, the Scorpions were able to cruise through to a 9:4 win and third place overall this Inliner Season 2020.
Congrats to both teams for a well fought match.
The championship game followed at 15:00 between undefeated K-Town and challenger Snipers 2020. As was the case in the game for third place, one team, in this case K-Town, jumped out to an early lead. Marcel Pohl, scoring Champ for this Inliner season, struck early for K-Town at 0:09 of the first period. K-Town posted a 4:0 lead after 15 min, adding 2 more in the second for a comfortable 6:0 lead after 30 min of play. The teams traded goals in the third frame, with a final score of 7:1 in favor of K-Town.
Ice Hockey Division 4 Manager Brett Castell Morley, who doubled as Announcer and Head Timekeeper for these contests, handed out the hardware along with DPL President Phil Morley and DPL Inliner Manager Peter Götz.
A big thank you to our two referees for these games – Tina Kirschner and Stefan Schmidt.
Inliner Champions 2020 – K-Town
Second place – Snipers 2020
Third place – Ludwigshafen Scorpions
Fourth place – Mike‘s Monsters
Best goalie (DIV2) – Pascal Riedel, Ludwigshafen Scorpions
MVP (DIV2) – Roy Labbé, Mike‘s Monsters
Top Scorer – Marcel Pohl, K-Town
Best Goalie (DIV1), Marcel Kappes, Snipers 2020
MVP (DIV1) – Fabian Fellhauer, Snipers 2020
Congratulations to all players!
See you next season.


Your DPL Management Team

Inliner Champions 2020 – K-Town
Inliner Vice-Champs – Snipers 2020

Corona Update

The DPL, like other recreational & professional sports leagues around the world, paused its operation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Both German federal and state governments are closely monitoring the corona virus situation and providing the operating framework for sports organizations. The DPL will comply with these regulations.

You can find the latest regulations for Baden-Württemberg here (in German).

As of Aug 16, 2020, we are pleased to restart our Inline League. The schedule is now available on

Based upon the current regulations for Sports Clubs in Baden-Württemberg, we plan to start the 2020/21 Hockey Season as in previous years in October, 2020. The details, including the basis for team allocation in each division, will be discussed in the next Captain‘s Meeting in September, 2020.

During the season is before the next one!

NEED: We have an urgent need for more referees in the DPL. We are asking for help from all participating Teams in the DPL.
You all want to play your games – no one wants to have a game postponed. You need officials who know their game.
Here we require YOUR assistance.
No Refs, no Game!
During the last two seasons, we have been able to add new recruits and partially integrate them into the DPL. Unfortunately, not all have remained with DPL as referees.
For you the teams in the DPL, this means please spread the word in your teams and in your hockey circles – we want to keep the games going! We have many weekend games this season and unfortunately not enough referees available for the weekend games! The main reason for the weekend shortfall is simple: many of our referees are also committed to other regular leagues (EBW, DEB etc). We are doing our best to ensure the DPL schedule is not disrupted.
Many of our referees drive 300 to 400 km on a given evening to ensure that the games can be played. This means driving for 7-8 hours for a couple of games – that is definitely a committment!
If you have trained referees in your team, please reach out to them. These are exactly the kind of refs we are looking for to help distribute the workload for your referees.

We need your support!

Thank you – your DPL Management Team

Affiliated Player Update: 3 Games Max

In oder to prevent misuse of the aforementioned Affiliated Player rules, the following update has been inserted into our rule book “§2.3 Melderegularien:”

Der Föderlizenz Spieler darf maximal 3 Spiele in der höheren Division spielen.  Ab der 4. Spiel in der höheren Division wird der Spieler als regulären Spieler in der Mannschaft der höheren Division gesetzt und somit aus der Mannschaft in der unteren Division gestrichen.

Essentially this means that once you play your 4th game as an affiliated player in the higher division club, you are considered a regular player in that team. You will no longer be allowed to continue playing in the lower division club.

The updated rule book is available as always via the Downloads link in our Website. Hockey Rule Book 2023-2024 (in German only)

DPL: Non-contact league


As we are a non-contact / no-check league, we will issue the following penalties:

Headbutt/ Kicking(including simply attempting to do so): Game Misconduct each time

Check directed at the head and check from behind: 2+10, 5+20 or Game Misconduct

We don’t use single 5 min penalties – Game/ Match Penalty will always be assessed in addition.

Your DPL Management Team

2022/23 Season

We’re starting this year with 37 Teams in 5 Divisions.

  • We welcome a new Team, Huskies 4 from Waldbronn, starting this season in Division 5!
  • We welcome back two teams to the DPL – Tigers 1 (Div 2) and Tower Warriors (Div 4)!

Good luck to all teams this hockey season. Enjoy!

Kind regards

Your DPL Management Team

Martina Steiner

It is with great shock that we learned of the sudden death of a long-time DPL member Martina Steiner.
She was the heartbeat and driving force behind the BodyJacks. Before that, she also actively and passionately supported the Bodycheck team.
She will be greatly missed by us and especially by the players & members of the BodyJacks.

Our deepest condolences go out to her husband Christoph Steiner and her family.
Rest in peace Martina. We will miss you.

Your DPL Management Team