About us – the DPL

DPL – Die Players Liga e.V.

Germany‘s largest hobby ice and inline hockey league

For Hockey and Inline hobby players, the DPL is traces it’s roots as an ice and inline hockey league in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

The DPL was established by players for players and the organizational team provides the membership with the services to support their hobby – ice hockey and Inliner hockey.

DPL‘s Management team are all volunteers and manage both ice and Inliner hockey leagues as well as annual tournaments and other events. In addition, the DPL management team is responsible for managing the league homepage www.dpliga.com, related software tools (e.g. GameSheets) and training the referees. Through league sponsorship and individual team sponsorships, the league offers a diverse private and commercial network.

With more than 1,000 active players in more than 30 teams, it is one of the largest hobby ice hockey and inline hockey leagues in Germany.

The DPL organizes around 300 games each year. The games are managed by trained DEB referees who bring with them a lot of experience from official leagues (e.g. Baden-Württemberg League, Women’s World Cup and Olympics).

The DPL players

We count among our active players not only enthusiastic hobby players but a large number of former amateur and professional league players. We are proud to have many players from the following leagues continuing their hobby with us:

  • Bundesliga (DEL)
  • Bundesliga (DEL2)
  • Oberliga
  • Regionalliga
  • Landesliga

In addition, we also offer many young talented players the opportunity to continue their beloved sport at a high level. Many of these players welcome the chance to continue playing while studying or starting their new careers off the ice. Here, too, we are proud to have former players from the following leagues with us:

  • German Junior League (DNL)
  • Jungadler Mannheim
  • MERC Junior
  • MERC Youth Teams
  • Players from many small Associations in the region

It‘s no surprise that we are well represented internationally. We wouldn’t be a real ice hockey or inline league without players from the following countries:

  • Canada
  • USA (represented by six different US forces teams)
  • Russia (represented by four teams)
  • Czech Republic / Slovakia / Slovenia
  • Finland
  • Germany

An unique league – by players for players

The league was founded in 2004, reacting to the rapid development of ice hockey in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. As many previous leagues did not meet the needs of hobby players, the DPL idea was born: establish a new league of players for players, with the aim of responding better to the needs of those involved. What started out as a small project with a few teams, the DPL quickly developed into a success offering hockey for players from former pros to pick-up game enthusiasts.

Our members set us apart. There are many unique characters among them, all of whom have one thing in common: love and enthusiasm for their sport. With around 1,000 active players, the DPL not only has a high level of athletic but also professional talent. This diversity makes it possible to realize numerous visions around the league. The players of the DPL will continue to exert an influence on ice and inline hockey in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region in the future.

Geographical area and teams

33 ice hockey and 5 inline hockey teams are currently playing in the DPL. Club teams as well as private amateur teams are represented. The majority of the teams are based in the greater Mannheim area, with teams from Aalen, Heilbronn, Ramstein, Speyer, Waldbronn, Hügelsheim, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden.

The DPL currently plays in eight different ice hockey stadiums in Mannheim (SAP Arena), Eppelheim, Heddesheim, Ludwigshafen, Waldbronn, Zweibrücken, Wiesbaden and Wiesloch. The games of the inline hockey league have previously been played centrally in the renovated Friedrichsparkstadion, the former venue of the Mannheim Adler. A new stadium for inliner hockey is being finalized in Mannheim.

The DPL ice hockey season begins in mid-September and ends in early April. Inline hockey is played from early May to mid-September.

Founding principles of the DPL

The DPL e.V. provides the framework for all its members to play organized ice and Inliner hockey. Respect, fairness and honesty are the foundation blocks upon which the league is built. Every active player in the league is committed to these principles without exception and accepts the DPL‘s implementation rules and regulations.