Pforzheim Hockey Camp

Senior Hockey Camp Aug 2020 in Pforzheim

For the 9th year in a row, the „Senior“ Hockey Training Camp for DPL players and friends took place. Unlike previous years in Heilbronn, this time around the Camp was hosted from Aug 28-20 in Pforzheim. Using 2 ice times per day, Ronny Arendt put the 20 players and 3 goalies through their paces. Skating, passing, 5 on 5 positioning and strategy plus numerous other drills kept the hockey camp participants on their toes over the 3 days.

A big thank you goes out to the Camp‘s organizer Arne Röhrig.👏🏼🏒🥅

Looking forward to the next Camp!

Corona Update

The DPL, like other recreational & professional sports leagues around the world, paused its operation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Both German federal and state governments are closely monitoring the corona virus situation and providing the operating framework for sports organizations. The DPL will comply with these regulations.

You can find the latest regulations for Baden-Württemberg here (in German).

As of Aug 16, 2020, we are pleased to restart our Inline League. The schedule is now available on

Based upon the current regulations for Sports Clubs in Baden-Württemberg, we plan to start the 2020/21 Hockey Season as in previous years in October, 2020. The details, including the basis for team allocation in each division, will be discussed in the next Captain‘s Meeting in September, 2020.

Racism is not tolerated in the DPL

Racial insults have no place in society and certainly no place in the DPL. All Players in the DPL agree to treat each other with respect, fairness and equality.
Recently it has come to the attention of DPL Management that racial slurs were used in a recent Playoff game between Schlappschuss and SG Stern on Saturday 08.2.2020 in Eppelheim.  Let this be a reminder that the individuals responsible for these unacceptable comments will no longer be allowed to play in the DPL.  We reserve the right to take appropriate legal action against those individuals involved.  Anyone who can provide further information, please contact Phil Morley or members of the DPL Management Team.

Discrimination of any kind will not be accepted in the DPL.