During the season is before the next one!

NEED: We have an urgent need for more referees in the DPL. We are asking for help from all participating Teams in the DPL.
You all want to play your games – no one wants to have a game postponed. You need officials who know their game.
Here we require YOUR assistance.
No Refs, no Game!
During the last two seasons, we have been able to add new recruits and partially integrate them into the DPL. Unfortunately, not all have remained with DPL as referees.
For you the teams in the DPL, this means please spread the word in your teams and in your hockey circles – we want to keep the games going! We have many weekend games this season and unfortunately not enough referees available for the weekend games! The main reason for the weekend shortfall is simple: many of our referees are also committed to other regular leagues (EBW, DEB etc). We are doing our best to ensure the DPL schedule is not disrupted.
Many of our referees drive 300 to 400 km on a given evening to ensure that the games can be played. This means driving for 7-8 hours for a couple of games – that is definitely a committment!
If you have trained referees in your team, please reach out to them. These are exactly the kind of refs we are looking for to help distribute the workload for your referees.

We need your support!

Thank you – your DPL Management Team

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